“Women reaching out to women”

CONNECT GROUPS give you an opportunity to connect with women from all walks of life, and share the Good News. Taking a holistic approach of mind, body and soul, you can start connecting with women in your community, offer support and truly become a Woman of faith and impact.
Share your story: Everyone has a story to tell and sharing your story could help someone going through a similar situation. No one is immune to the harsh realities that life can
bring and so it is important to keep it real!

Connect over a shared interest: Are you a student, a widower, do you like going for walks? Why not connect with women with similar interests, or a similar situation to you? Consider taking a moment out of your busy study schedule to pray with other women who are studying. Or start a walking group and share encouragements as you walk. Maybe you can connect with women working who have taken a similar career path; share work place
tips and strategies and pray for the many issues you face in the workplace.

Everyone needs someone: and Connect Groups are a great way to form and grow relationships with other women, offering support and care with one another and ministering to each others needs.




Are you interested in setting up a Connect Group, but not sure where to start? Here are a few simple steps..

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