A Testimony of Deliverance

At Ladies Retreat 2017 we heard an awesome testimony from our sister Andrea. As we look towards this year’s retreat, we’d like to remind everyone of the great things God does among his women through Andrea’s testimony….



On the 20th May 2016 was our annual LADIES RETREAT a weekend of divine worship and praise seeking GOD and HIS GLORY. I was so excited and looking forward to this great event, I got up, went out to do a few things, got back and started getting ready as the time was going by so quickly

We were traveling by coach to the event. I called one of my church sisters to let her know that I’ve called a taxi and it should take me no less than ten minutes to get to church from where I live.

The taxi came, I went aboard and as usual I paid my fare and told the driver where I am going. I remembered all that but a few minutes after something strange happened which I can only recall from the driver. He said I didn’t seem my normal self as I’ve traveled with him many times. But I thought I was fine. The only thing I knew was I felt a bit tired, but I said to myself; “well I’ll get all the rest when I get to Ladies Retreat”. But no; I lasted only for a few minutes on aboard; as he was talking to me, he noticed I went down on the seat, so he thought to himself I must have been tired and was having a nap! But he found this very strange, so he kept talking and looking through his mirror – but no reply!

When he reached the stoplight he managed to take a good look around at me and to his surprise some liquid stuff was coming from my mouth. He was very shocked and pulled up on the side of the road and called the ambulance. DWhile he waited he was calling me – but no response whatsoever. During that time my phone kept ringing as the brethren were wondering what had taken me so long.

The paramedics arrived – still no response from me. The phone kept ringing and eventually they managed to answer it and let them know what had happened. It was shocking news to everyone!

I had had a massive bleeding on the brain, it’s called a ‘subarachnoid haemorrhage’. I was out!!! I knew nothing that was going on. I had two operations, they had to put me in a coma and I spent one month in hospital.

Doctors were so impressed with the recovery that I made, that I was discharged within a month and only took medication for another month. I was seen by occupational therapists for two more months occasionally and I had made excellent progress all the times and they have been so impressed.

One year on and IT IS WELL!!! I’m in my right mind , TO GOD BE ALL GLORY, ALL HONOUR, ALL PRAISE!!!

If it had not been the LORD on my side; tell me where would I be??
I know that my GOD, our GOD, is willing and able to do what HE says HE will do.
I know there is POWER, HEALING, DELIVERANCE in nooooo other name but ONLY IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
I know that there is noooo GOD like our JEHOVAH GOD, HE can do all things GREAT.
I want to say a very special THANK YOU for all your prayers and thoughts, may GOD BLESS, KEEP, GUIDE and PROTECT you all, I charge you be obedient and trust GOD, HE IS ABLE.



Andrea at Ladies Retreat 2017, 1 year after her brain haemorrhage!

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